Apply for WKN Code

Apply for WKN Code

WKN, or Wertpapierkennnummer, (WKNWPKNWPK or simply Wert), is a German securities identification code that is six digits via letters that has, unlike an ISIN no check digit and excludes the letters "I" and "O". It is common for companies that have ISIN or other identifiers like CUSIP and SEDOL codes to apply and obtain WKN numbers.

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WKN Number Breakdown

WKN codes have gone throuhg several revisions, including:

  • WKN codes were switched from numeric to alphanumeric on 21 July 2003
  • The first 2–4 Letters may show the issuer of the Instrument
  • Many years ago, the WKNs were divided into different number ranges that represented different types of securities (e.g., stocks, warrants, funds, etc.). However, this number range system representing different classes of securities have been abandoned long ago.

It has been thought that WKN codes may become outdated and therefore no reason to use in the future as many believed WKNs would be overshadowed by ISIN codes. However, this is not the case and WKNs still are obtained on an impressive scale.