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Application Process

ISIN Application

Our team at ISIN can assist with your ISIN code needs. If you are in need of applying for an ISIN code and to obtain the number for debt or equity securities, simply email us. ISINs can be applied to securities of many types and entities.

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Timeframe and Process

ISIN and CUSIP, LEI Code or other securities identification codes typically has a 24 hour to several day turnaround time. The time to register various securities identification codes can vary from the offering type to the issuer's corporate structure. We attempt to complete all work within 2-72 hours, if possible, unless expediting is requested.

Application Assistance - All Identifiers


ISIN code and other fees depends on the number of codes, the entity/issuer and other factors requested by the issuing company. To determine the fee please email us your offering document(s) as this will help determine pricing.

CUSIP Assistance

Whether you need an ISIN code or other identifiers, many hold the belief that a CUSIP number is a must for North American companies. A CUSIP is a 9 digit code that, like the ISIN, identifies a security. CUSIPs are not used outside of the US and Canada, which is where the ISIN would play a role (the ISIN is used everywhere). If you need to apply for a CUSIP number for stocks or bonds, you may select the box in the application form here.

Application - CUSIP Assistance Form

Bond and Note Offerings can assist with your bond offering. Bond offerings or note offerings, including for convertible bonds or convertible notes, entail a company issuing debt securities. Normally an investor gives a company that issues the debt investment capital and the issuer gives a ‘promise’ to repay the loan with interest. The debt securities normally have an interest payment, either yearly or at maturity (or even many times a year) and a date that the debt terminates, called maturity. An offering memorandum or private placement document is usually written for the bonds and a securities identification number like an ISIN is often assigned to the notes. can assist with the entire bond offering process. Contact us


A common form of a debt offering is under Rule 144A. 144A is used for both equity and debt but its popularity appears to be more in the debt sphere than others. An issuer selling securities under Rule 144A can only offer the securities to US citizens who meet a certain networth standard. Foreign investors are not permitted to invest in a 144A. can assist with your 144A private placement memorandum, the 144A ISIN or 144A CUSIP numbers and more. Contact us

Reg S

The flip side of the 144A is the Regulation S, or Reg S. Regulation S offerings and rules state that investment capital can only be obtained via non-US investors. Reg S is considered an ‘offshore’ offering. There are times that a company raises under Rule 144A and Reg S, where they raise capital from both US and on-US investors. This also entails obtaining double the amount of ISIN codes and CUSIP numbers, one each for the 144A and Reg S. assists many companies with their Reg offerings. Contact us

Listing and IPOs

ISIN’s team can assist with listing and IPO assistance for many of the world’s largest stock exchanges. If you are considering an initial public offering or want to get securities listed on a stock exchange reach out to us. Contact us.


If need assistance with an outside consulting for Bloomberg (we have no affiliation with them) feel free to reach out to us. Contact us

Securities Identifiers assists with much more than ISIN codes. If you need any of the world’s local securities identifier codes like CUSIPs, Valor, Sedols. Common codes, or any other feel free to reach out to us. Contact Us

Global Notes and Standalone Debt

If you are seeking assistance with issuing global notes or standalone debt and would like to have such notes or bonds setup in a common depository can assist. We assist companies worldwide in numerous jurisdictions to work with both local and common depositories by assisting with document preparation such as the offering memorandum or prospectus and the ISIN codes or other needed identifiers for both public and private companies. Contact us

ISIN Database

For any ISIN database questions for feel to contact us anytime. If you need to verify an ISIN or cannot search for ISINs for any reason let us know. Contact us.

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