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Database Services

ISIN Database Services offers two ISIN database features: 1) ISIN database searches and 2) The ability for issuers to list/post their securities description publicly and manage their own profile(s).


If you need information on securities databases, and specifically for an ISIN code database feel free to join our free ISIN database. can help you obtain needed information.


If you would like to list your securities on's public database let us know. We offer a database membership plan that is flexible for both large and small companies and funds.

What’s in the Database?

The ISIN database contains information such as the issuer’s name, description of the securities, the country or jurisdiction of the issuer, the ISO description and more. In a more detailed version, if its required, you can also ascertain information such as the currency of the issue, the type of issue such as equity or debt, and for funds the net asset value if made available, tickers symbols, issue date, expiration of the securities, first payment, address and contact information of the company, and depending on whether the company is private or public, view their prospectus.

Search Features

One can search the ISIN database by simply putting in the ISIN code or the issuer’s name. Additionally it is possible to view a company or ISIN profile by inputting the issue description, although this may not be precise. The most common way to search ISINs is to input the ISIN code into the search feature, or the company/issuers name. For government securities it may be best to place the ISIN code in the search.

There are no CUSIP numbers or SEDOL numbers in our database.


List Your Securities & Company Data on

Publishing corporate data as it relates to debt and equity and ISIN codes can be hard to difficult to navigate online. Most places charges tens of thousands of dollars in annual fees. has a flat fee that is many times less than other data vendors.

Net Asset Value (NAV) and Share & Bond Pricing

As a member you will be able to update in real time your fund's net asset value, or share or bond pricing. This can be made public or restricted by you, the member, as you will have control over your own account.