If you are seeking to apply and obtain a CUSIP number for your securities can assist.

What is a CUSIP?

CUSIPs are used to identify securities and are used in the clearing and settlement of transactions. A CUSIP consists of a 9 character code and stands for Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures. CUSIPs typically identify US or Canadian securities, however even companies outside the United States can apply for a CUSIP. They are popular for international debt offerings (and national ones as well) and to get listed on any major US stock exchange a CUSIP is mandatory. Most CUSIPs are probably given to private companies, and like ISIN codes, are assigned to both public and private securities.

Application - CUSIP Assistance Form

For companies based in the United States or outside, any assistance you may need in the CUSIP process can be undertaken by our staff. We can directly assist you or guide you in the CUSIP process. Applying for a CUSIP would most likely entail submitting proper documentation like the PPM (private placement memorandum) or for public entities the prospectus, or S-1 statements and many others.

Stocks and Bonds and CUSIP Registration

CUSIPs are issued to both equity and debt securities. Equity securities like common stock or shares often are assignedĀ CUSIPs. This is true for private and public companies. Additionally, for example, hedge funds that having either one class of shares or multiple share classes often registerĀ CUSIPs to distinguish between their identities. This is also why ISIN codes are registeredĀ to the various classes as well.

Application - CUSIP Assistance Form

For debt issuance, CUSIPs are given to 144A offerings, Reg S offerings, and are assigned for accredited investor offering, or registered offerings, are a combination of all these rules. Thus, sometimes a debt issuance may receive three or even four CUSIPs, one each to represent each rule. This is also the case for ISIN codes.

CUSIP Bulk Registration

If you need to apply for multiple CUSIPs and want to register the CUSIPs for each varying class or tranche, reach out to us anytime. We can assist with one CUSIP or 100 CUSIPs.

How to Get a CUSIP Number

If you want to get a CUSIP number the first step is to know what the CUSIP is for, i.e. for stocks, bonds or other securities. Once you know this normally an offering document like a private placement or prospectus would be written. You would need to submit the offering memorandum or subscription documents for the CUSIP number to be assigned.

Apply for a CUSIP

The application process for a CUSIP may entail many features and requirements, and indeed no CUSIP application is ever a sure thing. One must comply with the CUSIP rules in order to apply and obtain a CUSIP. If you would like assistance with the application process for a CUSIP simply email us your needs by CONTACTING US HERE.

Application - CUSIP Assistance Form

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